BA(Hons) Graphic and Communication Design Level 5

Course Director:

Sian Horn

Course Lecturer:

Glenn Pickering
Alice Jenkins
Jodi Parker

The course nurtures and develops the intelligent application of practical design skills through traditional and innovative approaches. This goes hand-in-hand with high levels of awareness about theoretical and critical perspectives that consciously contribute to shaping the student’s design outcomes. Furthermore, students have given a great deal of consideration to the audience they are aiming at, through continuous reflection and evaluation of the social, cultural, economic, ethical and sustainable contexts of their work. The work on display is a credit to their hard work and dedication and bodes well for exciting year ahead when they return to enter the final year of their course.

Our Level 5 students have had another outstanding year, entering work for International design competitions and participating in lengthy internships with local design agencies. Expect to see a number of cleverly crafted concepts this year in the form of branding/ advertising campaigns, packaging, illustrated children’s books, game design and publication design.

Daniel Silverman Exhibition
Karyna Mizyuk Exhibition
Steeve Royce Exhibition
Chad Baker Exhibition
Sophia Moran Exhibition
Luke Crouch Exhibition